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Good Day :3 Call me Ripple or Mago. young adult.

I love Kirby of the Stars, Eurodance and chiptune music, fairy kei fashion and the Time Balance Department. My fave characters are Magolor from Kirby, Croissant Cookie and String Gummy Cookie from Cookie Run (I also have a crush on String Gummy...)

In my freetime I like to draw. I switch between digital art and traditional art. I prefer drawing simple and cute things and I prefer simplicity since I'm still new to a lot of art things. I also enjoy writing about things I like. I mainly write and catalogue about obscure video games.

My memories as a child are fuzzy and hard to remember. I get inspired by the faint memories and the inspiration for the look of my website is based on the memories of when I was a young kid. My website has a mid 2000s feel to it.

My Tumblr is girlygummy and my Discord is ripplecat#7817 if you need to contact me.


scented // birthday cake
rock me Odyssey Eurobeat, Caramell, Ujico*
unexpected song String Gummy Cookie
my jam!! Bad Apple!!

List of projects:
  • Cookie Run: Time Balance Department shrine
  • Littlest Pet Shop DS games shrine
  • Aikatsu! shrine
  • Ujico* shrine
  • Magolor mini-shrine

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